Below you will find examples of Community Connect’s projects.

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Community Connect is responsible for launching Reboot, a national organization, in Chicago. This includes creating and implementing a strategic plan, partnerships, event coordination, volunteer management and fundraising.

Community Connect coordinates the facilitators, volunteer opportunities and various tours around Chicago for BBYO Passport teen participants. We ensure top-notch presenters and experts who work with the participants to think of an idea of something they are passionate about and take them through the steps they would need to create a sustainable and socially conscious business.

Community connect provides business development consulting to ChiTribe, a start up that helps Jewish young adults find their tribe-within-a-tribe by making it easier to meaningfully connect with each other at Jewish experiences in the Chicagoland area. ChiTribe makes it simple to discover and navigate Jewish events and organizations with a unified community calendar and directory.

Community Connect provided program development and marketing strategy for both workshops designed by Pe’er Pla’ot from Israel. In these unique workshops participants had the opportunity to create a personal and intimate connection with one of the most powerful healing entities that exists on the planet based on ancient shamanic rituals from the Magical Galilee, located in Northern Israel.