Community Connect is a project management consulting agency partnering with organizations impacting the world for the better. We focus on the areas of strategy, business development, scaling, marketing and event/program coordination to bring your vision to life through our customized connections and partnerships.  We are also available for individual and group coaching.

We save you time and money by taking your project
from vision to full execution.



“Becky is an innovative strategist who puts her heart into the communities she is serving and connecting. I had the pleasure of working with Becky when she coordinated a social innovation entrepreneurship through JCC Chicago. She has a great way of connecting people with different strengths and backgrounds. She also is creative in incorporating strategies that best serve the communities she is working with, whether through her events, social media posts or blogs.” – Michelle Mantel, Early Childhood Educator 

“It’s been an absolute pleasure getting to work with Becky over the years. She’s smart, creative, and puts people at the center of her work. She’s also one of those unique creative types who can both envision and execute — taking big ideas and putting pen to paper to make them come to life. If you have an opportunity to work with Becky, I’d strongly suggest taking it.”
-Scott Frankel, Allstate, Sr. Communications Consultant

“Becky was of great value as a mentor at 1871. We are currently in our first round post-seed investment and I needed as much networking and mentoring as possible to prepare the investor’s deck. She provided me with the tools to create one that will meet the expectations of all levels of investors.”
– Luis Almaraz, COO, Fautus

“It was great working with Becky at JVS Chicago to deliver classes to aspiring entrepreneurs. Becky’s program content and delivery made the sessions fun while providing the tools participants required to explore their ideas”.

-Kenny Smilovitch, Director, Duman Entrepreneurship Center, JVS Chicago

“Becky  is a master networker and marketer. She is absolutely gifted at social media and making sure events are well attended. I have collaborated with, and been part of several events that Becky has been responsible for and am always proud of her and amazed at what she accomplishes! I have hired her to help me promote my own events. She has an amazing network of people across the country and globally – a mover and a shaker, Becky gets things done!”
– Karen Berk Barak, Entrepreneur, coach, musician and actor